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Garfagnana "big wood" is rich in magic and flavours...

The park of the Appennine, the regional park of the Apuane and the natural reserves are the access to a culture characterized by quality in its products, life and facilities.

The Via Francigena 
The ancient road that leads from Canterbury  to Rome (1,800 Km.), walked by  entire generations of pilgrims and believers, crosses the Garfagnana. 

The Italian section crosses the Alps at the Great Saint Bernardo Pass and it comes down towards the River Po Valley, crosses again the Appennines at  the Cisa Pass and then runs along rivers and lakes, crossing  Tuscany and Latium to reach Saint Peter Square in Rome. 

Thanks to its rich traditions, unspoiled places and history, Garfagnana is a paradise for hikers . Here, trekking is the sport par excellence, where you are always in contact with nature.
The peculiar landscapes of Garfagnana are unique, thanks to the diversity of the two mountain ranges marking its borders: the Apuan Alps and the Tuscan-Emilian Apennine. A thick network of marked trails climb up both the ranges, offering trips of different length and difficulty. After the effort, hikers can refresh themselves with the countless delicacies of the Tuscan cuisine, which can be washed down with Chianti wine and other high-quality wines for connoisseurs.

Garfagnana Maps

Cartina Alpi Apuane
Cartina Garfagnana
Carina Alpi Apuane e Garfagnana
Trekking and walking trails
Mountain Bike and trekking trails
Trekking and walking trails
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Cammini d'Europa, Via Francigena, el Camino de Santiago

Cammini d'Europa

Via Francigena

El Camino de Santiago

Cammini d'Europa

Via Francigena

El Camino de Santiago

Calomini Hermitage

We organize trip from Le Capanne to "Eremo di Calomini".

Our guests say: "Amazing!"

It takes 1 hour on foot (the path is easy for everybody):

  • depart at 09:30 from Le Capanne
  • arrival at Heremitage at 10:30
  • visit to Heremitage
  • lunch time at 12:00
  • depart at 14:00 from Heremitage
  • arrival at Le Capanne at 15:00
Old Church The Sacristy Monk's Bedroom
Tho old Church in the rock
The sacristy in the rock
Monk's bedroom